“If you remove kokyu from
Aikido, it is no longer Aikido!”


For most of his first 25 years of involvement in aikido, Morihiro Saito was almost unknown outside of Japan. All of that changed beginning in the early 1970s when he began publishing a series of five technical volumes on aikido in a Japanese-English format. His books were followed by the first of many teaching tours abroad in 1974 where Saito Sensei’s clear and precise teaching methods were immediately embraced by foreign aikidoka. This led to literally thousands of aikido students from abroad travelling to Iwama during a 30-year period to study with the master until his passing in 2002.

Saito Sensei later published other authoritative technical books and was widely filmed during his seminars. Aikido Journal has an extensive collection of video materials that capture the essence of a number of his seminars. Saito Sensei’s explanations are heard in the original Japanese and subtitled in English. The above video clip provides a glimpse into Saito Sensei’s teaching method.









Aikido Journal is now offering the Morihiro Saito “Lost Seminars” Video Collection which includes over 14 hours of expert instruction by Morihiro Saito, 9th. This visual compendium archives literally hundreds of the techniques of Iwama Aikido explained and demonstrated in detail by Saito Sensei with complete English subtitles.

This offer is available for the special price of $97.95 for the 7-DVD set or $49.95 for the same set in downloadable format.