Video: “Ken and Jo forms devised by the
Founder and systemized by Morihiro Saito”

During his years living in Iwama, Morihei Ueshiba had a unique opportunity to focus on his personal training and development for the first time in many years. The result of this extended period of devotion to aikido practice, meditation, and farming was “Takemusu Aiki,” Morihei’s concept of the ultimate goal of aikido where one becomes capable of spontaneously executing techniques exactly suited to the circumstances.

“Since we cannot modify the 31 jo movements left by the Founder, we’ve developed paired jo exercises based on
the kata. There are many possible variations, and I would like to go through and analyze them step by step.”

“The blending movement for this kumijo is the same as in taijutsu and ken movements.”

“O-Sensei bequeathed to us the 31-movement kata and many other jo movements. However,
I did not learn complete kumijo practices. He would teach me partial movements from time to time.”

“Therefore, I devised an additional three kumijo, eight, nine,
and ten, and thus there are now a total of ten kumijo.”

“But there is a kata which the Founder showed me before I learned the 31 jo kata.
I only remember half of them. From what I still remember, I made one practice method.”

“The Founder said you could either press down his jo, or attack his arm and thrust.
He said that whichever you do, you should be careful to avoid injury in the basic practice.”

“Against his thrust, I execute a hayagaeshi movement, and strike him.”


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